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  • Wunderschöne Langarm V-Ausschnitt Abendkleid Meerjungfrau mit Gold Crystal

    [Artikelnummer: CS04126]

    US$  187. 95
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    Customized measurement pictures
    Schneidzeit: 15-20 Tage Lieferdauer: 6-10 Tage

    Schneller Lieferung (Fedex/UPS/DHL):6-10

    Standard Liefer (EMS, E-packet):15-25



    Glamouröse Spitzenapplikationen Mermaid Ballkleider | Langärmlige Abendkleider mit V-Ausschnitt US$ 229.95
    Zarte einsame Ärmel Feder Ballkleider | Funkelnde Applikationen Mermaid Abendkleider US$ 313.95
    V-Ausschnitt Pailletten rote Blume Abendkleid | Bezaubernde langärmlige Meerjungfrau-Abendkleider US$ 313.95
    Wunderschönes, glänzendes Goldapplikationen-Feder-Abschlussballkleid | Abendkleider mit V-Ausschnitt und langen Ärmeln im Meerjungfrau-Stil US$ 334.95
    Sexy Abendkleid mit tiefem V-Ausschnitt und Applikationen | Feder-langärmlige Meerjungfrau-Abendkleider US$ 540.75
    Feder-Meerjungfrau-Burgund-Abschlussball-Kleider | Langarm Sparkle Lace Appliques Günstige Abendkleider US$ 355.95
    V-Ausschnitt Langarm Rosa Blumen Ballkleider auf Schaufensterpuppen | Günstige Meerjungfrau Abendkleider 2022 US$ 244.65
    Sexy schwarzes Ballkleid, Meerjungfrau Langarm Abendkleid BA7942 US$ 215.25
    Sexy V-Ausschnitt Abendkleider 2022 | Perlen Abendkleider Meerjungfrau Lang US$ 198.45
    Wunderschöne Spitze Abendkleider Schulterfrei | Elegante Abendkleider Meerjungfrau US$ 198.45
    Halbarm tiefer V-Ausschnitt Rosa Abendkleider | Meerjungfrau Günstige Abendkleider Sexy 2022 bc1771 US$ 156.45
    V-Ausschnitt Open Back Red Lace Abendkleider | Langarm Meerjungfrau Sexy Günstige Ballkleider 2022 US$ 187.95
    Schwarzer Tüll Nude Futter Abendkleider mit Ärmeln | Langarm Perlen Applikationen Günstige Ballkleider 2022 US$ 207.90
    Langarm Spitze Appliques Günstige Ballkleider 2022 | Meerjungfrau Perlen schiere Tüll Sexy Abendkleider US$ 208.95
    Tiefem V-Ausschnitt Open Back Black Prom Dresses Günstige 2022 | Meerjungfrau Langarm Perlen Quasten Abendkleid US$ 219.45
    Meerjungfrau Silber Blumen Baby Blue Prom Dresses Günstige 2022 | Sheer Tüll Langarm Appliques Abendkleider BC1466 US$ 261.45
    Kurvige V-Ausschnitt mit langen Ärmeln Meerjungfrau Applikationen rosa Ballkleider US$ 219.45
    Elegante Passform und Schlag Einzigartige Spitzenapplikationen Ballkleider | Langärmlige Abendkleider aus Tüll US$ 292.95
    Sparkle Beads Sheer Tulle Ballkleider | Fit und Flare Crystal verführerische Abendkleider US$ 324.45
    Sexy V-Ausschnitt Sparkle Beads Appliques Ballkleider | Long Sleeve Alluring Fit und Flare Abendkleider US$ 418.95

    Was glaubten die Anderen?

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    auther_img Rob***son
    Datum: March 25, 2022

    I love it. I made a mistake on the measurements and got a call to get the right one. The dress is superbly made and fits beautifully. I have recommended the company to 2 people since my dress arrived 2 days ago.

    auther_img Bro***ova
    Datum: March 14, 2022

    I just received this dress in the mail in a very timely fashion. I didn't have high expectations because of the price, I am VERY pleasantly surprised. The dress fits like a glove, I ordered this by size not measurements because I am hourglass in shape and was nervous because my measurements were off from the size chart. I ordered a 12 and couldn't be happier, I also ordered a small shawl and it is stunning. I cannot wait to wear it.

    auther_img PAU***TTE
    Datum: February 13, 2022

    The dress has alot of the stretch from the material which can be forgiving in certain aspects. However, my chest is large and needs a bit of support. It is a pretty red and a little plain. A look I wasn't going for. If I needed a dress for a subdued affair or could pack for a trip with no wrinkles--this would be my dress.

    auther_img Ren***ben
    Datum: February 12, 2022

    I had a great experience buying my prom dress. It was very easy to look for and purchase the dress. I loved it!I love Prdress!!! Keep it up!

    auther_img Jew***uie
    Datum: February 02, 2022

    I bought this dress after buying 3 other wedding dresses that just didn't do it for me. This dress is PERFECT. I HIGHLY recommend buying!The quality of the tulle is amazing and the appliqué is beautiful.I bought the ivory color for my wedding dress and I love the color.There are a few alterations that need to be made for me personally because I was in between sizes but I still give this dress a 100% positive review!Our wedding is in a month and I will update review with wedding photos of the dress.

    auther_img Dir***hel
    Datum: January 18, 2022

    Really well stitched. No cheap plastic dress.

    auther_img CER***ErE
    Datum: December 25, 2021

    This is a really really really beautiful dress ... and i would have loved to wear it (like, to the grocery store, or to a girls’ lunch, or to drop off my dry cleaning - I’d have worn it EVERYWHERE) just to show it off ... alas! It’s too big, and I had to send it back.So now I cry.(I was going to rate this dress 4stars, but realized that the problem isn’t with the *dress* - they just didn’t offer a size 0- so I added another star. It’s a beautiful f$&!ing dress!!!!)

    auther_img Vic***c z
    Datum: October 08, 2021

    This dress is beautiful and great for the price. It even better than pictures. it was a great buy. It is all that I exspected and loves the dress.

    auther_img Vic***a K
    Datum: October 07, 2021

    Really happy with suit, looks so good. Good quality and just a great fun feeling when on. Great service and fast delivery.

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