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  • Wunderschöne Pailletten Sexy Abendkleidung Meerjungfrau | Sexy Rückemfrei Ärmellose Abendmode JJ0158

    [Artikelnummer: CS04849]

    US$  159. 00
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    Weißer hoher Kragen Sexy Abendkleider Kristallchiffon-Reißverschluss 2022 langes Kleid US$ 165.00
    Crystal Black Stehkragen 2022 Abendkleider Ärmellose Chiffon Lange Partykleider US$ 213.00
    Langärmliges sexy Schlitz-Rosa-Abschlussball-Kleider billig | Perlen Applikationen Sheer Tüll Lange Abendkleider US$ 209.00
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    Royal Blue Goldapplikationen Sexy Open Back Prom Dress | Günstiges Abendkleid mit Seitenschlitz und langen Ärmeln US$ 179.00
    Sexy schwarze Spitze Perlen Pailletten Ballkleider | Ärmelloses Etui-Abendkleid mit langem Zug US$ 178.00
    Schlüsselloch High Neck Formelles Kleid 2022 Lace-Up Etuispitze Zweiteilige Ballkleider mit Perlenstickerei US$ 196.00

    Was glaubten die Anderen?

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    auther_img Kar***ara
    Datum: March 28, 2022

    This dress is gorgeous it was custom made to fit and fits like a glove. The fabric is of excellent quality. Honestly you will not be disappointed the matching clutch is lovely too! Beautiful stunning dress. Hope this info helps someone with their decision.

    Our garments are made to measure after you provide us with your measurements.

    auther_img ANI***SHA
    Datum: March 06, 2022

    Hi, I was just wondering if this dress can be made in white or an ivory colour. Also do you have any more pictures of it on different models?


    auther_img jwc***erw
    Datum: February 05, 2022

    Fast shipping, good quality, nice color... ! Will buy again!I got so many compliments! It’s really inexpensive and beautiful!The custom service was also good.

    auther_img jwa***ers
    Datum: February 01, 2022

    I thought it would be smaller and got a M but S could be just great. I made some arrangements and fits perfectly.


    auther_img ROS***NNA
    Datum: December 29, 2021

    I was pleased this purchase. Dress fits well, is a little longer than I thought

    auther_img rcr***ciV
    Datum: December 07, 2021

    Dress was beautiful. Purchased for a prom. Got lots of compliments on it, and people thought we paid way more. I did make the mistake of taking the tule out of the neckline, it is there for a reason, if you are very well endowed I suggest you think about it before you remove it. It is there to hold the straps up, without it the shoulders tend to slide down and expose more than planned. I had to tack it together to keep this from happening.I had looked at several reviews that suggested removing it. All I can say is think about it, or remove it in a way it can be put back together if you change your mind. It took me several trips to various fabric stores to find a match if I had decided to use it.The dress fit exactly according to their size chart. I did find that my daughter fit into smaller sizes in the stores, but if you are buying this dress, I think you should use their chart.

    auther_img c.R*** cz
    Datum: October 30, 2021

    Very nice!! Strongly recommend!!!!

    auther_img SOF***FIA
    Datum: October 20, 2021

    I need this dress by the 26th of october can I order it now

    very sorry. The time you request, we cannot guarantee that it will be delivered to you on time.

    auther_img LOU***ISA
    Datum: August 30, 2021

    Would you please send me pictures of this dress more detailed and plus size if you have available (In Red and White). Thank you so much. A+ Customer service so far.

    Thank you very much for your review!

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