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  • Tiefem V-Ausschnitt mit langen Ärmeln Spitzen Applikationen Split Meerjungfrau Abendkleid

    [Artikelnummer: CS04654]

    US$  192. 00
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    Schneidzeit: 15-25 Tage Lieferdauer: 6-10 Tage

    Schneller Lieferung (Fedex/UPS/DHL):6-10

    Standard Liefer (EMS, E-packet):15-25



    Perlenstickerei Meerjungfrau V-Ausschnitt Abendkleider | Sexy Abendkleider mit seitlichem Schlitz US$ 219.00
    Spitze Meerjungfrau V-Ausschnitt Spitze Abendkleider | Partykleider mit geteilter Front US$ 199.00
    Sexy Spitzenapplikationen Tüll Abendkleid | Meerjungfrau-Abendkleider mit tiefem V-Ausschnitt US$ 209.00
    2022 Schwarze Abendkleider mit V-Ausschnitt und Meerjungfrau | Lange Ärmel Applikationen Partykleider US$ 199.00
    Ärmelloses Meerjungfrau-Spaghetti-Bügel-Spitzen-neuestes Abschlussball-Kleid US$ 215.00
    Luxus-Nixe-Abendkleider mit tiefem V-Ausschnitt | 2022 Lange Ärmel Pailletten Kristall Ballkleider mit Quasten US$ 268.00
    Elegante V-Ausschnitt mit langen Ärmeln Tüll Abendkleider | Sexy Abendkleider mit Meerjungfrau-Applikationen und abnehmbarem Rock US$ 209.00
    Neue Ankunft One-Shoulder Tüll Sexy Front-Split V-Ausschnitt Applikationen Abendkleid US$ 179.00
    Langer Reißverschluss Königsblau Split Meerjungfrau Applikation V-Ausschnitt Sexy Ballkleider US$ 167.00
    Sexy Langarm V-Ausschnitt Abendkleid | Abendkleid aus Spitze mit Schlitz US$ 170.00
    Schwarzes langärmliges Abendkleid | Gold Appliques Meerjungfrau Abendkleid US$ 209.00
    Sexy schwarze Pailletten Ballkleid, Rüschen Abendkleid BA8155 US$ 189.00
    Schwarzes Spitzen Abendkleid mit V-Ausschnitt | Mermaid Langarm Abendkleider BA8512 US$ 183.00
    Elegante Langarm-Spitze Abendkleid Meerjungfrau Grün Damen Party Kleid US$ 203.00
    Halfter V-Ausschnitt Appliqued Mermaid Lange Abendkleider US$ 159.00
    Schlichte Abendkleider Lang Mit Spitze | Chiffon Kleider Navy Blau US$ 163.00
    Abendkleid Lang Rot Günstig | Abendkleider Lang Schlicht US$ 149.00
    V-Ausschnitt Pailletten Meerjungfrau Abendkleider | Neckholder Sexy Partykleider US$ 149.00
    Applikationen V-Ausschnitt Meerjungfrau Halfter Ballkleider | Bodenlange formelle Partykleider US$ 189.00
    Wunderschönes schulterfreies Burgunder Juwel Meerjungfrau Abendkleid US$ 155.00

    Was glaubten die Anderen?

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    auther_img Arn***cia
    Datum: March 15, 2022

    Ordered a made to measure and it arrived before the expected delivery date. Excellent quality and finish and I can't wait to wear it.

    auther_img Ngo***goc
    Datum: March 01, 2022

    This is a very beautiful dress. I was very satisfied and happy with my selection. I received so many compliments. I ordered this dress, not knowing how long it would take to get to me. I was affraid I may not have it back by my date. This company went to extra efforts to make sure I had my dress in time. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    auther_img *********
    Datum: December 06, 2021

    I ordered the 16 in black although I could likely wear the 14. I don't know if I'll keep this dress (I ordered a second one and will see which looks better and fits best.) it arrived fast Bc I have prime, it's exactly as described. If I hate the other dress I ordered I'll prob get this one in the 14!The only issues are that the bodice is a bit sheer. If this really bothers someone it's an easy fix by a tailor, just tack a layer of lining fabric to the portion under the boob cups. It's really not noticiable and there are several layers of tulle so it has only a bit of see-thru on the tummy--I really wouldn't stress it.It's pretty long so chances are if you're less than 5'9" you'll have to get it hemmed--not actually HEMMED tho Bc it's made of tulle. Just trimmed off evenly. Again--something a beginner seamstresses or tailor could do.Fabric is good quality for the price. I think the zipper could have been a little sturdier--I'll add a hook and eye at the top to help it stay together. I got this dress to wear st a black tie wedding so if I keep it I want to be able to dance in it.You can't wear a bra. It has boob cups so your option is to wear one of those sticky bras if you need some support or just use the boob cups, they do NOT offer support, just modesty.Even if I return the dress it's a good purchase for the price.

    auther_img der***eex
    Datum: December 05, 2021

    The dress is very beautiful. Fits perfectly. Can’t wait to wear it for the occasion.

    auther_img Eri*** H.
    Datum: October 12, 2021

    Beautiful dress. I bought the size I normally wear and it fit great. The color was perfect. I would buy again in different colors. Recommend!

    auther_img THE***HEA
    Datum: September 30, 2021

    the colour we chose came through perfect, size was perfectly accurate! beautiful gown, heavy material and very very good quality!!

    auther_img LOU***ISE
    Datum: September 25, 2021

    This dress is beautiful, I selected the color, measured myself up and voila all done.Make sure you get some help with your measurements, so that the dress fits perfectly. About ten days later I was trying on the dress! Extremely impressed with the workma

    auther_img FRA***CES
    Datum: September 21, 2021

    Ordered a custom sized dress. This fitted perfectly and I was surprised by the quality. The bodice was sequined both front and back - the dress looked lovely on. The length of the dress was mini and yet was not too short.

    auther_img EBO***ONY
    Datum: September 01, 2021

    I couldnt really imagine I can get that dress with that perfect quality.

    auther_img ISO***BEL
    Datum: August 26, 2021

    For future buyers.When I first recieved my dress I was having my doubts because it is quite revealing, and was having trouble keeping the front panel to stay on my body.But I figure out all I needed was to adjust the top neck clasps, and make it a lot tig

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